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Dumpster Rental Services

A container from Parks & Sons’ dumpster rental service in Phoenix, AZ

Metal front- or rear-load containers are perfect anyone living in the greater Phoenix area.

If you are looking to dispose of large volumes of refuse, you may be interested in our dumpster rentalservices. These services allow you to have large amounts of waste regularly removed from your property—up to six times a week! You may schedule regular collection services with our dumpster rentals, adjusting the frequency according to how much waste you need collected (e.g. weekly, bi-weekly, etc.). Our flexible scheduling makes getting rid of waste materials easy and convenient—just fill up your dumpster or trash compactor, and we’ll empty it!

Our dumpster rental services are perfect for all of these:

  • Businesses
  • Multi-family housing complexes
  • Construction sites and projects
  • And any other application with higher trash volumes!

Service Information


These services can be setup anywhere from a weekly to six-times-per-week schedule, depending on your needs and volume. Collection is provided Monday through Saturday (depending on your service area). If you have too much waste for our dumpsters to contain, we are happy to provide additional waste removal services to manage your needs. Your convenience is our concern; just give us a call to arrange additional services! We’ll give you a quote quickly, so there are no hidden fees and no surprises!

Container deliveries, empties, and removals must be scheduled by contacting Customer Service.


Charges vary depending container size, disposed material, and service area. Contact Customer Service for a personalized quote.

Available Sizes (chart):


The following features may be available on containers upon request (additional charges may apply):

  • Lock bar
  • Lids
  • Wheels

Why choose Parks & Sons?

Our services speak for themselves, but we also bring a rich history to the community. We are family owned and locally operated since 1964—that’s almost fifty years of service! With so much experience in the industry, we know how to provide fast, efficient service, and we employ hard workers who care about your convenience and waste removal needs!

If you are interested in getting efficient and reliable dumpster services and need a dumpster rental in the greater Phoenix area, or in a surrounding area, contact us today or read the details below about how to setup this service. We look forward to providing you with professional dumpster services soon!

Service Areas

The map below details the areas this service is provided. Click here to view the map larger and search for your address.

View Service Area Map – Commercial/Industrial in a larger map

Service Policies

Collection Time/Placement:

Parks & Sons containers must remain in the same location they were delivered. If the containers are not in the same location delivered, they will not be serviced. Due to unforeseen problems on the route, Parks & Sons cannot guarantee the same time of pickup each day. Customer is required to provide unobstructed access to the equipment at all times on scheduled collection days. If the equipment is located behind a gate, the gate must be unlocked and opened as Parks & Sons is not responsible for opening/closing and/or unlocking/locking gates. Equipment to which clear and unobstructed access is not provided will not be serviced. Customer warrants that any right of way provided by Customer for Parks & Sons’ equipment is sufficient to bear the weight of all equipment and vehicles reasonably required to perform the service contracted. Parks & Sons shall not be responsible for damage to any private property of any route reasonably necessary to perform the services contracted and Customer assumes all liabilities if damage occurs.


Do not overload the container as containers with waste exceeding the top will NOT be emptied. Do not put boards on the sides of the containers to make them larger.


Containers with dirt, rock, concrete, block, tile, cactus, shingles, manure, or other heavy material may be too heavy for the truck to dump. If the truck is unable to dump the container, the Customer will be responsible for partially emptying the container in order to lighten the load (additional fees may apply if a second trip is needed to empty the container). If the truck is able to dump the heavy container, additional charges may be incurred to cover landfill fees. Parks & Sons reserves the right to increase prices for service where equipment is consistently reported as containing heavy material.

Unacceptable Waste:

Do not to place any hazardous, radioactive, toxic, explosive, or corrosive materials (including tires, oil, paint, batteries, and antifreeze) into the waste to be picked up by Parks & Sons. Appliances (including washers, dryers, water heaters, and refrigerators) and furniture longer than four feet in length (including couches, bed frames, and mattresses) cannot be placed into the 2 yard, 3 yard, 4 yard, 6 yard, or 8 yard containers. Smaller containers with these items will not be emptied. In the event that said materials are placed into containers serviced by Parks & Sons, the Customer agrees to be solely liable for any and all required remedial action. Customer agrees to reimburse Parks & Sons for any regulatory fines attributable to the Customer improperly packaging, manifesting, or labeling the waste picked up and transported by Parks & Sons. Service is subject to immediate cancellation if any of the above mentioned materials are placed into the waste collected.

Appliances and furniture longer than four feet in length may be placed into the 12 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard, and 40 yard containers with prior approval from Parks & Sons.


Customer agrees that all reusable equipment shall remain the property of Parks & Sons. The equipment shall be utilized only for its intended use and shall not be moved or altered. Customer shall not disfigure or cover up any numbering, lettering, or insignia displayed on the equipment and shall see that the equipment is not subjected to careless and unusually or needlessly rough usage. Customer shall be liable for all loss or damage to such equipment (except for normal wear and tear and for loss or damage resulting from Parks & Sons’ handling of the equipment). Customer shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Parks & Sons from and against all losses arising from any injury or death to persons or loss or damage to property arising out of Customer’s use, operation, or possession of the equipment. Parks & Sons shall have the right to take possession of any or all items of the equipment without demand, notice, or legal process, wherever they may be located. Customer hereby waives any and all damages occasioned by such taking of possession.

Large/Bulk Item Disposal:

If you have an excessive amount of trash or large items to be disposed of which will not fit in the container, please contact Customer Service. We can pick up these items for you; however, there will be an additional charge dependent on the volume, size of item(s), etc.

Click here to complete a container or roll-off liability waiver.

Holiday Schedule

Holidays mentioned below may affect your regular collection schedule. Service days that fall on or after a recognized holiday (listed below) will be delayed one day that week. Service days that fall before a recognized holiday are not affected and will remain on schedule. If a holiday is not mentioned in the schedule, your trash and recycling collections will not be affected.






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