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Parks & Sons Employee Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc. takes great pride in the work we do, our commitment to preserving the environment and especially the communities we serve. We strive to exceed expectations and continually pursue the highest customer satisfaction. Please read our reviews below and share your experience(s) with the rest of the community.*

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Great Service

Dec 06, 2012 by Lawanda

These guys are awesome. They go above and beyond to meet my needs. I will never go back to Waste Management.

Satisfied Customers

Oct 28, 2012 by Dutch P.

The folks that have worked our route over the past 5 years have been unbelievable. They carry out their duties in a superb manner. Their attitudes are always professional, friendly, and above reproach. I don’t think it’s only the people on our route that do such a great job. As my wife and I comment to other folks within your area of operation, no one has ever rebutted our praise. You have great leadership throughout your entire organization to receive such wide spread admiration. Thank you for a job well done!

5 star company

Oct 21, 2012 by Carol S.

The efficiency of your company, the neatness and cleanliness plus the friendliness of your employees is A-1. No one could ask for a better company to serve the public. To expand your recycling program is truly a service to this community, the state, and our country, as it is keeping trash out of the landfills and of course recycling helps the economy. And then you use that to assist organizations that have needs. This, in my mind, makes you a 5 star company. Thank you for your service, your business, and your generosity. I would vote for you as the “Company of the Year!”

Wonderful Service

Oct 05, 2012 by Barbara M.

Your company and employees are the greatest! We wish to sincerely thank you for the continued wonderful service and now, especially, for the curbside recycling service in Sun City Grand. The employees are friendly, kind, and courteous and we will always appreciate their hard work!

Quality Service

Aug 31, 2012 by Howard & Claire V.

I know it\'s a team effort, not just the obvious employees we see on a daily basis. How do we say thank you enough for the quality service you provide? We have lived here almost 20 years and you have never failed to go above and beyond to keep our community spotless.

Excellent Service

Aug 24, 2012 by Barbara P.

Thank you for your continued excellent service! It is a pleasure doing business with such an exemplary company!

A Fine Company

Jul 31, 2012 by Tony & Margaret M.

We have lived in Sun City Grand for 13 years now. The crew of gentlemen that have been coming to our home have been beyond excellent. They are courteous, have a smile on their faces, and certainly have good work ethics. I am one of those nuts that doesn’t sleep so I have on many occasions been out to say good morning to them. My only complaint is I could never keep up with them. Those boys are moving and don’t miss a step doing their job. We both thank you for hiring such good folks and are proud to be in an area serviced by your fine company.

Great Service

May 09, 2012 by Claudia & Kenny I.

We truely appreciate the great service and employees you have. Your equipment is always clean, pickups are prompt and efficient and most of all you have outstanding employees. They are well kept, always friendly and are continually running the streets in order to be the best of what they do!

A service industry example

Jan 06, 2012 by Wayne N.

In appreciation for the excellent service you and your team have provided since 2001. You have always completed the pickups in a timely manner and the members of the team are always very professional in appearance and in their personal interactions. After traveling and living in other areas across the country your team sets the standards high for others. It is in a prideful manner I am able to utilize Parks & Sons to illustrate as a company that delivers excellence in service and at a fair price.

Superior Job

Jan 02, 2012 by Don & Wanda L.

Thank you for the superior job you do each and every week. We are also grateful to the company for keeping the costs at a minimum and for initiating the recycling program. We think you're the best!

Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc. , USA 4.7 5.0 41 41 Twenty years of top-notch service! The crews are consistently courteous, and even more important, accommodating. Good management shines through!
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