10 Ways to Steer Clear of Plastic

August 19th, 2014
We generate over 30 million tons of plastic in the U.S. alone. How many milk cartons, soda bottles, and shopping bags do we go through every year? Click on the title above to see how we can reduce our plastic consumption.
  • Curbside underground service
  • Barrel service
  • Bulk collection
  • Temporary clean-up / Dumpster service
  • Permanent scheduled service
  • Temporary clean-up / Dumpster service
  • Temporary clean-up / Dumpster service
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Due to the severe rain storms, many roads in select service areas are flooded or otherwise unsafe for our equipment to drive on. In the interest of safety, our drivers will not be collecting in areas deemed unsafe to operate. We ask for your patience while the roads dry to allow us to collect your trash and/or recyclables.

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